Fitness Habitat Marden S.A.
Fitness Habitat Marden S.A.
Get optimal support from our Fitness Habitat team to achieve your fitness goals!

About Fitness Habitat

Fitness Habitat, is Adelaide's 1st purpose built, outdoor, under cover group fitness facility.

Don’t be intimidated by the look of Fitness Habitat, we run training for all fitness levels.

Our classes run in 8 week cycles, followed by a 1 recovery/education week.

You don’t have to start at the beginning of an 8 week cycle, as soon as you’re ready, book in and get started, your first 2 sessions are free of charge.

Get Tracked, Trained and Educated!

FH Tracked:

At the start and end of every 8 week cycle, we run optional fitness testing, performance results are emailed to our Get Tracked participants. Our membership tracking allows us to collate your attendance in relation to Australian Health and weight loss recommendations, to assist you to to meet the requirements to achieve personal goals. 

FH Trained:

The 5 disciplines of FH are;

  • Kickboxing
  • Obstacle Racing,
  • PowerFit45,
  • Metafit,
  • and Yoga. 

Check our current Class Timetable.

FH Educated:

Unique to Fitness Habitat and free of charge to members and the general community;

Recovery; our low intensity sessions keep you moving whilst allowing your body to recoup for the next 8 week cycle. Also a great time to socialise with your training team. 

Education; specialists in their fields (nutritionist, physio, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, Dr etc) present health lectures to provide you with all the tools needed outside of our workouts to ensure you optimise your efforts towards your goals. 

Self defence - martial arts masters from different disciplines teach you real time self defence. 

Tracking - asses your fitness test/attendance and re establish your strategy to achieve your goals.

Start getting Fitness Habitat Tracked, Trained and Educated today!