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6.00am Metafit HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

6.30pm Kickboxing|Suspension Hybrid


6.30pm  Project X Obstacle Racing


6.00am Kickboxing 45

6.30pm Kickboxing|Suspension Hybrid


6.30pm Cardio Sculpt 45


6.00am Power Fit 45 


8.30am Obstacle Racing



Direct Debit Booking

Book as many sessions per week for only $31.00

*No Joining Fee *(14 day debit cancellation policy)



Fat Blasting Bulk Visits Packs

QUICK FATFIX - 5 visits (unlimited sessions)

Health value                             $85

(1 month expiry from purchase date)

JUMPSTARTER - 10 visits pass (any session/s)

Health value         $170

(2 month expiry from purchase date)

THE TRANSFORMER - 20 visits pass (any session/s)

Health value         $320

(3 month expiry from purchase date)

FITBIT Casual Session

All  classes             $20 

Student                   $15

Equipment Purchase

Hats $15

Cotton Glove Inners $ 2

Hand wraps $ 12

SMAI Boxing Gloves $49.95

Fitness Habitat T-shirts $35

Please email to arrange purchase (re stock).


  1. Direct Debit sign ups - $31 dollars will be debited fortnightly ( if funds are not present, you have 5 days to make funds available. The automated system will debit the amount again. You will be charged $10 fee for any discrepancies after the 1st attempt). 
  2. Memberships can be cancelled any time with 14 day notification ($10 dollar suspension or hold fee applies)* 
  3. 10 Visit Pass can be used for any class and is valid for two months
  4. 20 Visit Pass can be used for any class and is valid for three months
  5. New clients arrive 15 minutes early for the site induction & to meet the team
  6. Fun photos taken at any session will be used on social pages on the internet such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc
  7. Cell phone on silent

**Bookings receive priority

FH Management reserves the right to cancel any class at short notice. We will endeavour to contact you as early as possible to alert you of the cancellation, however we urge all clients to check the bookings in MINDBODY prior to making your way to the session and make sure you have signed up to receive email notifications/newsletters.

HEAT RULE - Management discretion - all evening sessions cancelled if the weather hits 40 degrees. 




  • Appropriate clothing and enclosed footwear
  • Bottle of water and towel
  • Boxing gloves (If you don’t have your boxing gloves you can borrow gloves until you get your own).
  • Toilets are located in the Mars Sporting Complex downstairs (go before you train)



Fitness Habitat

Outdoor Undercover Group Fitness Arena

FITNESS HABITAT, is Adelaide’s first purpose built outdoor, undercover group fitness facility, designed to embrace the training benefits of exercising in the outdoors:

About Us

FITNESS HABITAT is tailored to provide intelligent fitness coaching and instruction for our successful clients, who demand a more efficient and effective way to be stronger, fitter and healthier.

We run 8 weeks of a variety of fitness classes, followed by an education/recovery week (free of charge) where we hold real time self-defense sessions lead by Masters of various martial art disciplines from all over Adelaide. Specialist in their various fields of health (Dr in Science, Exercise Physiologists, Human Movement exercise specialists, Occupational Therapists, etc) present on topics to give you the tools outside of exercising to assist you in improving your health, function and well-being.    

A more cost-effect method than Personal Training. We do not endorse nor encourage supplements such as pills and powders, rather we encourage and educate on healthy natural eating.

FITNESS HABITAT aims to create a vibrant, non-threatening and inspirational training environment that celebrates the outdoors. The advantage of being undercover ensures that members can get their exercise groove on rain, hail or shine. Our venue has been specifically designed as a complete concept to instill improved health and group fitness as a lifestyle philosophy. Our diverse training sessions appeal to a broad range of age groups from teenagers through to over 50s, accommodating all fitness levels and tailored to allow you to go at your own pace depending on your needs and abilities. 

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, safe, and ego-free environment, appealing to both females and males, with passionate and nurturing staff, and qualified University Level trainers to help you realize your health and fitness goals. You’ll find we have a competitive, cost-effective pricing structure with no lock-in contracts. Our aim is to empower you to become healthier by incorporating fitness, nutrition and positive mindset in to your everyday lifestyle. 


Booking classes are a breeze via our online booking tab.

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Group classes include:

Metafit Mondays (High Intensity Interval Training) 45min

Kickboxing|Suspension Hybrid

Project X Obstacle Racing

Kickboxing 45min

Cardio Sculpt 45min

Power Fit 45min

Obstacle Racing





Fitness Testing

Corporate Bootcamps/sessions



Meet The Team

Scott/Director /Group Fitness Co-ordinator & Personal Trainer


A practitioner and student of Health and fitness since 2004, after a 4.5 year stint in the NZ military (Combat Engineer and Naval Ships Diver). Scott is renowned for his technical kickboxing lessons, traditional resistance expertise, highly structured, customized and progressive training cycles and functional training knowledge. His specialized training approach reflects his education, using evidence based research of training principals to achieve changes in body composition, strength, fitness, health and well-being. 

He has an 'I'm not here to kiss your butt, only to kick it, if that's what you need' approach, and is dedicated to offering superior training methods to equip clients to reach their potential.

Scott’s wealth of knowledge on the body’s mechanics and nutrition have led him away from trends and fads that endorse supplements of pills and powders. He is instead a firm believer in the education and prescription of a balanced diet, rich in whole foods, complemented by personalized fitness training cycles to ensure effective, long-term weight loss and improved performance and health results.


'I'm dedicated to ensuring Fitness Habitat remains a trainer and client ego free, encouraging and empowering venue.'



* BAppHsc - Human Movement 

* Dip Fitness + Dip Sport (Athlete Support services)

Certificate 3 + 4 in fitness

* Master Functional Trainer - Kettle bells 1 + 2 (advanced), Suspension, Power bags, Battle ropes, Functional Mobility

Metafit (High Intensity Interval Training) Coach

Thump boxing instruct lvl 1 + Advanced

Inform Academy - Postural assessment and corrective exercise prescription + Flexibility + Shoulder function


If your looking for a experienced trainer you can trust, to deliver a top service, let’s have a chat. Scott 0433 043 676