Timetable and class descriptions

We CLOSE Public holidays and long weekends


Obstacle Racing (Wed evening Project X + Saturday morning) = 1 Hour

Yoga Sessions all = 1 Hour

All other sessions are 45 minutes.

PowerFit 45

Functional fitness training at its best. 

Power bags, suspension trainers, Kettle bells, Battle ropes and more.

This class evolves - Every 8 weeks there is a new format and different work rest ratios.

Rated as one of the favourites in our 2016 timetable.


Realign your body, mind and soul with Yoga.

Our instructors are India trained (the birth place of Yoga).

Disconnect from your hectic lifestyle, re-align and strengthen your body, slow your mind and bring yourself into a more meditative state.

Leave refreshed, re-energised and better prepared to cope with the rest of your week.

Metafit HIIT Training

Created by a former Royal Marine Commando Metafit™ this is a simple, non choreographed - no equipment workout that combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest techniques to set the metabolism on fire!

If you're not at 85% of your max heart rate - It's not HIIT!

It's tough, but it works!


The great thing about kickboxing is... If you're fit - you can go hard, and if you're building your fitness - you can alternate between going flat out and easier, until your fitness level improves.

Push your body whilst learning to defend yourself, it'll keep your mind off fatigue and muscle pain, allowing you to push further for longer. 

You'll get in shape fast, and improve your fighting technique too.


Obstacle Racing

Fitness Habitat is a fully equipped Obstacle racing training facility, with numerous obstacles you will encounter in True Grit, Spartan and Tough Mudder races.

This is a boot-camp style session like none other. Work as an individual to master the obstacles, then get into small teams and complete the different courses as quickly as you can.

Real obstacles, no standard gym equipment, real team work. 

If you're preparing to do an obstacle race this is perfect for you, if not, it's still one really awesome way to workout! 

Project X Obstacle Race

This is an invitation only class, do not turn up to this class without speaking to Scott directly. 

Avidly named the toughest session at FH. An obstacle racing session that has upped the anti. 

1HR of heart pounding work. Survive or die as a team, what you cannot do..... your team mates will pick up! You are responsible for getting not only yourself through, but your buddies too. Not for the faint hearted, be ready to run, work and test your mental strength.

Respect from the small number of veterans in this group will come to those that have the guts to return for a second session. If you are not moderately fit, or don't like to be pushed, this is not the session for you. It's a never say die attitude required for this one!

Spartan, True Grit, Tough Mudder, X fit warriors..... welcome to your home.

Be on time, well hydrated, ready to run hard and train intensely, like a warrior!

What to bring

Just the basics;

  • Appropriate and comfortable training gear, enclosed footwear
  • Bottle of water (towel if you sweat a lot)
  • Boxing gloves for KB sessions (we have club gloves for beginners $2 for reusable inserts)