Fitness Habitat Marden S.A
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About Fitness Habitat

Fitness Habitat, is a purpose built, outdoor, under cover group fitness facility.

Don’t be intimidated by the look, we run training for all fitness levels.

Our classes run in 8 week cycles, every 9th week is a recovery week - but stay tuned as this week we often run movement workshops, nutrition/exercise info nights, real time self defence classes and a few of our regular timetabled exercise classes.  

You don’t have to start at the beginning of an 8 week cycle, as soon as you’re ready, turn up and get started, your first 2 sessions are free of charge (valid in 1 week).


Get Tracked, Trained and Educated!

FH Tracked:

At the start and end of every 8 week cycle, we run fitness testing. Monday morning and evening at the start of a cycle you fitness test. Friday mornings at the end of a cycle you retest. 


FH Trained:

FH is your one stop shop for health and fitness, we don't just offer 1 genre. We offer 5 different disciplines to ensure you get everything you need to get in shape. 

  • Kickboxing
  • Obstacle Racing (Bootcamp with real military obstacles) ,
  • PowerFit 45 (functional training),
  • Metafit (HIIT training),
  • and Yoga (Vinyasa style). 

Check our current Class Timetable.


FH Educated:

Check out our online exercise library loaded with technical advice on training to get the most out of your workouts.  


Start getting Fitness Habitat Tracked, Trained and Educated today!