Let us understand the implication of Kickboxing:

In the world of martial arts, Kickboxing is a high energy workout martial art technique which is derived from karate and combined with fast-paced cardio. In short, Kickboxing or cardio kickboxing denotes group fitness class in Adelaide where the training is given following the rules of this martial art– both hands and feet are used as prior points of contact. Although kicks and punches both play their role in kickboxing yet this fitness self-defense sport is a combination of multiple martial arts like taekwondo, full–contact karate, Muay Thai, tai chi and boxing. The only difference between Muay Thai and Kick Boxing is in knees and elbows which have little or no role in kickboxing since the points of contact are restricted to the hands and feet.

Kickboxing Adelaide: The vital need of Kickboxing –

In Adelaide, a reputed group fitness facility known by the name Fitness Habitat, where fitness trainers train the beginners as well as the veterans. This high energy workout serves to challenge the beginners as well as the learned athletes similarly. The interesting feature of this challenging workout is it helps to burn calories but it contributes to lean muscle build up. It is both fun and challenging high energy workout for building up stamina and improving flexibility and coordination.

Inside the classes, the experienced instructor demonstrates the choreographed movements of kicks, punches and knee strikes which are distinctively set to fast-paced music. At the training session, the trainees are trained in the combined mix of punches which include the crosses, jabs, uppercuts, and hooks. For lower body movements, the various movements taught are front kicks, knee strikes, back kicks, sidekicks, and roundhouse kicks.

Along with these movements, warm up and cool down are also incorporated in these classes, even static and dynamic stretching form a part of kickboxing Adelaide classes. In addition to it, core exercises like planking and crunches also occupy a brief segment at these classes. The classes continue for thirty minutes to one hour.


Merits of Kickboxing Classes:

Although the name is “Kickboxing” yet it is a non-contact workout. It is either onto the air or into the air that the kicks and punches are thrown. Since it is defined as a high energy workout, 350–400 calories are burnt per hour. There is a movement of the elevated heart rate into an intense zone of cardiovascular conditioning, which positively impacts the heart.

For continuing with Kickboxing classes Adelaide, it is essential to focus on the combined individual movements and be mentally prepared to master the movements. The classes challenge the trainers of their endurance, techniques, and concentration.

The gained rewards from the Kickboxing:

Full body workout is guaranteed at the Kickboxing classes. Owing to the workout, the entire muscle group in a body is engaged in the movements or workout levied with an unbent focus on the core. From Kickboxing, there are a number of fruitful effects gained as the involved rapid movements bring about laudable improvements in coordination, balance, and flexibility. Additionally, it is highly beneficial towards building up of faster reflexes. At each and every class, the instructors and trainers introduce the moves after which follows the fight combinations and sequences keeping a strong focus on power, speed, and endurance. Nevertheless, Kickboxing definitely pays with a number of corporeal and health benefits, as described below:

®    Stress Relief: Interestingly, releasing anger is possible at the kickboxing classes since punch bags are the receiving end. The movements even help to relieve from stress.

®    Increased Heart Rate: Losing weight is easy at the kickboxing classes since increased heart rate at the time of Kickboxing Adelaide is significant to burn down calories and fats.

®    Muscle Toning: The kickboxing skills in Adelaide involve kicking and punching the bags which tones both the upper and the lower body. Each time the bag is punched and kicked, every time the person feels stronger.

®    Improve Coordination: The motions between the legs and arms are coordinated with every of kicks and punches. As a result, the overall coordination is improved.

®    Improve Balance:  Kicking on one-foot help in the building of balance and stability for throwing harder kicks as the time proceeds. 

®    Full Body Workout: With Kickboxing Adelaide, there is no need for additional exercises since it itself is a full body workout in the form of combined cardio and resistance workout.

®    Self Defense: Kickboxing is an unmatched option for general self–defense wherein the person builds up self-confidence allowing him/her to grow stronger.

®    Enhanced Circulation: Kickboxing takes well care of the heart rate which keeps on beating thereby increasing the circulation in the body.

®    Increased Flexibility: Before going into kicks and punches, 15 minutes stretching is a must since it prepares the body for various movements. Kicking even help to build up flexibility.