Obstacle Racing

What is Obstacle Racing?

Obstacle Racing is known as the sport wherein a competitor travels on foot to overcome a number of physical obstacles as challenges. Variations exist in the challenges mainly from obstacles to the track races, and to cross country and urban events. The list of obstacles includes carrying and balancing heavy objects, climb over the heavy walls, crawl under the barbed wire, traverse water bodies and jump through fire. Selective obstacles can closely be recognized with the ones in military training. Alternatively, other obstacle racings are unique which are primarily employed for testing endurance, speed, strength, and dexterity.

Obstacle Racing Adelaide: Tips and Training procedure according to the instructions –

The training begins with Running: The stepping stone towards obstacle racing is fast running. Although running fast is important yet more important is non-stop running for long distances. Shorter distance follows the long-distance race at a mentioned time. Running is helpful for analyzing the speed. Next training is done for four different runs namely easy aerobic run, running at longer intervals, running up and down the hills and running for a long time. Each running type is done for four executive days and there is one more extra day for pack work or sandbag.

Loaded Carries:

Loading the heavy carries involve the liable foot patterns. The very first movement is to dead lift the bells from the bilateral stance and then proceeding for being either a split stance or single leg. Dead lifting the bells without dropping and maintaining a good posture is important to prove the body firmness as mentioned below:

§  Shoulder stability

§  Rotation resistance

§  Shoulder stability

§  Midline stability

§  Owning 70% foot patterns, both single and split–leg stance


Grip Training:

A few grid endurance are handled along with the loaded carries. Another part of grip endurance is taken care of through general strength activities like deadlifts and pull-ups. High rep swings with the club- bells and kettlebells aid in super grip endurance. Hanging off objects forms another favorable activity towards Obstacle Racing Adelaide.

Well, what are the health benefits associated with obstacle training Adelaide?

The cognitive benefits are working together in a group and making new friends as well as developing a strong sense of self-motivation. But the health benefits of obstacle training are:

»     The heart is strengthened by means of rigorous exercises which makes the heart to pump more blood enabling proper blood fluidity.

»     Body shape is maintained owing to constant running applying an intense force which helps in burning huge amount of calories and fat, ultimately controlling the dangers of obesity.

»     Fighting stress and getting emotionally stabilized is one of the win-win solutions of an obstacle race. These races positively redirect the anger and stress towards the tenacity and determination to complete the race and after the race is done, one feels absolutely stress–free.

»     Bones are fortified through the high level of impactive exercises stimulating the increase in bone mass. In addition to it, the obstacle races are trained outside under the sun. The sun rays are responsible for activating vitamin D in the body which makes the bones strong and dense.

»     Endurance and strength are eventually gained by crawling under the barbed wires, climbing up the walls and holding onto the ropes which help in an upsurge of the physical limits.

»     Coordination and balance are ultimately improved since, at the time of the race, the participants make attempts to keep the balance with each obstacle so that they can prevent themselves from falling down or tripping.

»     Another mind-blowing advantage is the brain is sharpened since the brain directs towards one goal that is to touch the ending line. Accordingly, the concentration level accomplishes that goal.