Outdoor Group Fitness

Fitness Habitat has its arranged fitness camps for conducting outdoor group fitness exercise classes. At these outdoor group fitness classes, the exercises taught are combined form of body weight exercises and traditional calisthenics with that of strength training and interval training. At the outdoor group fitness classes, there are different styles of fitness which are systematically designed for pushing the participants harder. Because of this feature, these classes resemble a military boot camp.

Let us now find out the exercises provided by the Fitness Habitat classes are:

§  Starting with a warm-up: At each and every session, the trainees are allocated 10 minutes warm up.

§  Coming to the workouts: Complete 40 minutes workout includes the following exercises–

Ø  Plyometric

Ø  Squats

Ø  Core strength

Ø  Partner Exercises

Ø  Team competitions

Ø  Lunges

Ø  Push-ups

Ø  Obstacle courses

Ø  Interval training

Ø  Speed training which involves sprints

Ø  Squats thrusts or burpees

Ø  Cool down and stretching– Some gentle stretching ends the session

Ø  Fitness resting– After the end of the outdoor group fitness classes, the original fitness assessments are typically repeated in order to determine the results.


Noteworthy benefits of Outdoor Group Fitness:

»     Group training is helpful towards improving the mood and reducing depression: When a human body experiences nature and enjoys the outdoor sports, then not only the health but also the mind experiences the healing effect. It is a pure truth that in the lap of nature, darkening of the mood is a difficult task. In addition to it, the exercises are beneficial to lose weight as well as anger. As a result, outdoor group training aid in mood improvement.

»     Self-esteem is well enhanced: Good health and a jolly mood are the effective outcomes of exercise. These two noteworthy outcomes further contribute to developing an excellent self-esteem. The greenery evokes a sense of enthusiasm which acts as boosters in performing the exercises and to touch the ending line. Thus it is rightly said that the outdoor group exercise training classes inject a determination and self–esteem for human beings to develop a personality.

»     Vitamin D levels get boosted: Along with a healthy diet chart, there is an immense requirement of the sunshine vitamin. An adequate level of the vitamins received from the sun does the task of natural conversion of skin contained cholesterol to Vitamin D3. Exercising in the open under the sunshine vitalizes the body towards enjoying the benefits of Vitamin D3.

»     Improved mental focus towards the commitment to exercise better: Starting might seem tiresome, but right after the first day it starts to get interesting. Waking up early daily mornings for outdoor exercises prepares the body and the mind towards having a productive and happy day. Once it becomes a habit, then the mind is completely trained for performing the exercises daily and achieve the goal while exercising. Beginning the day with the outdoor activities helps in proper respiration which allows inhaling the oxygen for a fit body.