PROJECT X Obstacle Racing


This 1HR session is non-stop.

What to expect, well its advised not to expect or assume this is anything like a bootcamp-its not.

You do not stop for drinks, you do not complain, you do not cry, you do not slack off, you do not let your team members down, you are responsible for all your team members at all times. You are continually on the move. Rules about PROJECT X, you do not speak about PROJECT X.

You will do burpees, you will do lunges, you will run up hustle hill loads of times, you will push sleds and it will burn, you will lift jerry cans, you will lift kegs, you will swing ropes, you will move semi-trailer truck tyres, you will not give up and you will have the WILL to survive.

If you are training for these events (True Grit, Tough Mudder or Spartan Race) then join this class.

Be on time, 15 mins early, well hydrated and ready to run hard and train intensely like a warrior.

All sessions are UNISEX.