FH Kickboxing is a high energy workout, to music, combining martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio, and strength exercises.

Experienced instructors demonstrate and instruct you through isolated and combination strikes of kicks, punches, knees and elbows on bags and pads.

It’s a great means of staying fit, strong, burning energy, relieving stress, improving coordination, flexibility and staying in shape. It beats the crap out of going for a run to lose weight and stay fit, and you learn skills that can keep you safe at the same time.

Kickboxing Adelaide:

In Adelaide, Fitness Habitat is a reputed group fitness facility, known as place where trainers cater for both beginners and learned athletes. It’s a great high energy burner that contributes to building lean muscle, stamina, coordination, and flexibility whilst being fun and challenging.  

FH “Kickboxing” is a non-contact workout.

The gained rewards from the Kickboxing:

Full body workout is guaranteed at the Kickboxing classes. Coordination, balance, flexibility, speed, power, reflexes are all challenged. Other health benefits include:

®    Stress Relief: Releasing anger here at FH, rather than on your boss/customer/competition/acquaintance. Serious stress relief from any worries you are having - guaranteed!

®    Weight loss: An energy deficit is required for weight loss. Train hard in this class and you’ll burn serious calories. Eat right in combination with these classes, and you have a winning ticket for weight loss.

®    Muscle Toning: Build a little lean muscle with the exercises and striking drills in these sessions whilst losing body fat through the high energy session and eating right - and you’ll look seriously toned. P.S muscle tone is simply the tension in muscles at rest - build a little muscle and lose body fat, you’ll look more toned.

®    Improve Coordination: Everyone is a cluts at first, often you wont start out looking great, and coordinated. A few sessions under your belt, with the right instruction from our trainers though, and you will start to look like a serious fighter. You may not have that aggressive streak in you, that real fighters do, but you’ll definitely possess the same skills to execute strikes like them, if you ever needed to.

®    Improve Balance: Try striking a bag repeatedly whilst moving around it, or holding pads and coordinating a partner through our strike patterns. Trust me, your balance is going to improve.

®    Full Body Workout: Our sessions are a full body workout, core, legs, upper body, speed, strength, endurance, fitness. These sessions have everything you need to get and stay in shape.

®    Self Defense: Kickboxing is an unmatched option for general self–defence. We integrate real expertise in striking with cardio and strength exercises. So you will learn how to strike properly after a few sessions, while you get fit and burn calories.

®    Increased Flexibility: You’ll stretch dynamically prior to the session, do drills in the session that’ll improve your mobility and range of motion, and stretch post workout too. You want to get super flexi, combine this with our Yoga sessions.