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Obstacle Racing

What is Obstacle Racing?

Obstacle Racing is often getting through rugged terrain, littered with natural/military/surprise obstructions. True Grit, Spartan and Tough Mudder are just some of the more common outfits that host these events, over urban and rural locations. You can be carrying objects, balancing over beams, climbing and traversing walls, nets, and ropes, crawling under barbed wire, through tunnels and traversing water bodies. Races can test multiple aspects of fitness, your endurance, speed, strength, balance and mental toughness.

Obstacle Racing Adelaide - Our 3 big Tips

You need to be a Runner: The stepping stone towards being a great obstacle racer, is fast running. Get the Long Slow Distance (LSD) kilometers in, so you know you can complete the distance required for your event. Next, do your Interval Runs, these will improve your race pace, and make you faster over your required distance. We supply our racers with proven plans to help improve their times, and race pace. Hit us up for a plan, in your next session.

Loaded Carries: Always present in an obstacle race, is some type of loaded carry. Practice these often, and get good enough to introduce speed if you want to get ahead of the pack.

Grip Training: No doubt, you enter an obstacle race, and you will be climbing, up, across or through stuff - a superior grip strength, will be your friend in every race. Deadlift, farmers carries, chin ups or even timed hangs are just some of our common recommendations to racers.

Health benefits associated with obstacle training Adelaide?

»     Lets face it, any type of training will burn energy. If you get your nutrition right in relation to your exercise choices, you’ll lose weight. We have systems to help you with your nutrition, so you just need to choose the programs you like most, that way you’ll be more likely to stick at your training long term, and get that result you’re looking for.

Our Obstacle Racers do it, because its fun and functional, or they’re preparing for races.

You can chose to sit on a bike and count the time and distance go by, lift heavy weights, or jump around on the spot in a generic exercise class, or….

You can run, jump, crawl, throw, pull, climb and carry your way through Obstacle Racing Sessions to get fit, strong, healthy, functionally fit and in shape.

At a basic level, any exercise parameter challenged appropriately, will improve. So here are a few of the things that can improve with obstacle racing sessions at FH.

» Bone density, through impact and muscle stress as well as Vitamin D from the sun. Obstacle racing is outdoors - and so is our facility, so you get the real deal when you train with us, not some warehouse workout. You’ll be doing obstacles in as close to race conditions as possible. No simulations, you get the real deal, so the transfer from training to actual, is 100%.

»     Fitness performance, this ain’t no dance class. Your aerobic system will get challenged and improve with these sessions. You can go at your own pace, so you don’t need to be super fit. But if your looking to attend a resistance session - go find a regular weights gym. This isn’t one of those group fitness sessions you can hide out at, up the back, take sort cuts on every exercise, do stuff all, then get your selfie to post up, to pretend to everyone that your getting fit. It’s an honest workout, that gets you honest results. You put the effort it in, you get back the result.

»     Endurance and Strength - We’ll challenge them, so you get the gains - its a ‘No Brainer’.

»     Coordination, balance and problem solving - you need these to get through obstacles. We’ll instruct you, give you tips, ultimately these are going to improve with the nature of what we do in obstacle racing sessions.

»  Stimulation, Fun, Friends - Sessions are always changing, every 8 weeks the class formats change, so you wont get bored. You cannot simulate our sessions in a park, we are purpose built for obstacle racing, this is like a park bootcamp on steroids - nothing but fun times. Many sessions are team based, or have team based elements, so you learn to working together in a group, and you make new friends.