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Outdoor Group Fitness

Fitness Habitat is Adelaide’s only purpose built open air out door gym. So you have the best of both worlds, out door training and roofed area with no walls, for wet weather training. 5 disciplines to choose from: Outdoor obstacle racing, outdoor kickboxing, outdoor functional training, outdoor HIIT training and outdoor yoga.

§  FH Classes all start with a warm up: We know many places these days often expect you to warm up your self, and they get straight into their class routine. Due to our regard for you health, safety and the nature of what we teach, we will ALWAYS take you through a thorough warm up, to reduce the risk of injury, and fully prepare you for the session.

Benefits of Outdoor Group Fitness:

» Vitamin D boost: If its a sunny day, you’ll get your quota of vitamin D, and potentially a sun tan that’ll make you look smoking hot and more defined if you have a little muscle.     

» Grounding: Often we are surrounded all day by a concrete jungle, buildings, tarmac, steel, artificial everything, everywhere. Grounding or earthing yourself, is reconnecting your body with the free electrons that flow through the earths surface, via putting your body in contact with real ground. This can be done by simply walking bare foot outdoors daily. It has a host of amazing health benefits: Improves blood pressure, sleep, and reduces cortisol (a stress hormone). Your not going to get grounded in a building doing a barbell class.

»   Fresh Air: Don’t underestimate it, it’s vital to your survival and health. Fancy air cons have health risks and they dehydrate you. Ever walked into a closed room where 20+ people have just sweated out an intense 1hr session?

Do your self a serious health benefit, and mental favour, and scrap the fancy gym, and get back to training in your natural environment. Workout with the smell of trees and grass around you, hear birds singing over the class music, feel the warmth of sun and wind on your skin while you move.