PROJECT X Obstacle Racing

Obstacle Racing / A Real Bootcamp / Great Pre Season Sports Training or team bonding experience.

This is a 1HR non stop session.

What to expect, this is not your usual watered down park bootcamp.

Its packed with plenty of running, exercises, obstacles, team based drills. You work hard for your self and your team mates, this is our toughest class. If you are a sook - you wont last the session. If you have guts and determination and like to push yourself, you’ll find it hard, but you’ll make it through.

If you are training for the forces or an obstacle race (True Grit, Tough Mudder or Spartan Race) then this is the class for you.

Be on time, late comers will cost the group additional exercises, be well hydrated and ready to train like a warrior.

All sessions are UNISEX.