“Fitness Habitat, training bodies and minds”


Review "Just completed my first Cardio Sculpt 45 session and can't wait for my next session! Rebecca was awesome and all the rest of the group made me feel welcome. The session was filled with a variety of exercises and gave me a full workout. Would recommend anyone to give it a try! "Nicole (Nurse) July 2016

Review "My second week at Fitness Habitat and although it nearly KILLED me last week, I'm already feeling fitter and stronger for it. Scott is an awesome task master and Thomas' "you get your summer body in winter!" motivational speaking made it enjoyable. Now looking forward to my first Thursday night cardio with Bec!" Cheers Erin (Professional) June 2016

Review "Day 1 stepping into fitness habitat was scary especially when I haven't exercised for so long! Thanks Rebecca for getting me to join the FH crew! The FH venue is unique as you get to work out semi outdoors, meaning breathing in fresh air!!!!......something a gym can never give! 
The group workouts are awesome! It's intense and challenging but it's FUN!! The workouts are never boring as each session guarantees different exercise routines that works the entire body! 
Scott & Bec are fantastic! They encourage each and every participant to work that little harder but at the same time tailoring to individual's fitness levels, injuries etc etc. They correct our techniques too which is important especially when it comes to maximising the effectiveness of the exercise!
Everyone working out at FH are super friendly and welcoming which makes the whole workout just fun and less intimidating for new comers.
Always looking forward to my 6am workouts! It clears the mind and pumps you up for the day ahead!
Thanks Scott and Rebecca! Post baby, it's time to look after myself again and there's no better place to workout than at Fitness Habitat. I highly recommend FH for those who just wants to have fun while getting fit!" Szeman (Young Mummy) March 2016

Review "The FH arena is one of a kind. Its fantastic to have everything you need outdoors & part of the elements! For a Tough Mudder, Spartan or True Gritter there is everything you need & more to hone your skills. Scott is a legend & his classes are focused, energized & always different. I love Project X, its tough & uncompromising - which requires both physical & mental application to complete. Every muscle in your body is used. There is always a team comradery to help out someone struggling & always a will to finish. You only get credit if you come back a second time. After nearly 3 years of Project X & Suspension Max on Wednesday I can say I am the fittest I have been & have the mental strength to tackle any Obstacle Course Race & the challenges of everyday life. "Regards Grant (Local Businessman) July 2015

KICKBOXING Testimonial

"Hey Rebecca  - My first kickboxing session at fitness habitat was awesome. The class was fun, intense and definitely got the heart rate going! I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to start kickboxing, it's so much better than running on a treadmill or going on a cross trainer for a few minutes. You leave feeling exhausted, yet refreshed and fully energized!"

Sophie M (Nutritionalist & PT) July 2015

PROJECT X Testimonial

"My regular exercise routine consists of a pump class and some free weights, but that's child's play compared with this PROJECT X (boot camp). It was intense, and I was sweating from the get-go, but the drill instructor (Scott) was both firm and encouraging, which really motivated me to get through the hour. I thought I was faring pretty well during all the jumping jacks, burpees, crunches and even the obstacle course—but then I came to the road lunges. Making our way down the road doing lunges after carrying otherteam members through the mine field and lifting tyres and swinging from monkey bars was enough to drive a girl to the brink; I had to hold my head back tokeep from tossing the snack I ate a couple of hours earlier. But when it looked as though I was losing steam, the other participants offered their support,cheering, "You can do it, you're almost there!" and "You're doing great, keep going!" Their votes of confidence kept my energy up. This class was definitely one of the most challenging regimes I've ever putmyself through, and I was so glad I pushed myself, but I would do it all over again. Just next time, I'd do it without the snack I ate an hour earlier. 5STARS "

Karen J (Local) June 2015